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Hello everybody!


We want to tell you about the opportunity to test your training -

SHERIFF Special Forces Challenge

- tests for people who are not afraid of challenges and are ready to accept them!


September 26, 9 p.m.


Park of Guerrilla Glory

What to do?

You will be given a bulletproof vest (!), In which in 90 minutes you will cover a distance of 5.5 km twice with a break of 40 jumps and 15 pull-ups. This method selects representatives of the strongest and most formidable military units.

For Voin athletes there is a -25% discount on the promo code. Please write to us on Instagram, Facebook or contact the club reception.

Registration -

Regulations of the event -


Voin -

the real Crossfit box.

It's more than just a gym. Our community is based on the desire to help each other get better, both outside and inside.


Here you can improve your fitness, endurance, become stronger and healthier.


A typical training day includes warming up, learning and practicing new movements, WOD of increased intensity, work on mistakes and stretching.


No matter what your activity, here you will find people who are united by one goal - to challenge yourself day by day and get better.

We are waiting for you!


We write the history of the club with the achievements of our athletes in the gym and outside it.


Each training session takes place with the coach in small groups 12 people each.

In the hall you will find new friends. We train and rest together.


What is crossfit? This is a new unique training system, which has already gained popularity around the world. Crossfit in Ukraine is a new phenomenon and not yet known to many, but in many countries: USA, Canada and others, the crossfit training program is even included in the training of personnel of the armed forces, fire and law enforcement agencies, which speaks of its effectiveness.

Crossfit is a system of circular exercises, which are characterized by functionality and high intensity. Crossfit complexes are aimed at developing strength, endurance, flexibility, agility and coordination.


The concept of this system and its main feature is the lack of specialization. The training alternates between elements taken from different sports. The set of crossfit exercises includes combined loads, which can be divided into three groups: gymnastics, weightlifting and cardio.

World sports stars and beginners are also engaged in our hall. Training on this system helps to prepare for any sport. Because they not only improve overall fitness and train endurance, but also adapt the body to serious loads.

In the method of crossfit exercises are selected individually, taking into account age and level of physical training, so there are no restrictions for classes on this system, the main thing - to choose the right intensity of training.


All this makes crossfit a universal type of physical training.


CrossFit training does not use isolated exercises, each complex consists of functional loads that need to be performed in a minimum of time. Although there are no competitive exercises in this complex to maintain motivation and the desire to win, the results of training are recorded on the board of general acquaintance.


Group interaction makes training more interesting and makes you strive to improve your performance. You will not find such adrenaline in a regular fitness club, and a variety of exercises allows you to make each session interesting and constantly discover something new.


Our gym has a certificate that gives the right to conduct training in the crossfit system (Kiev).


For us, the CrossFit box is more than just a fitness club. It is a community based on the desire to help each other to become better both outside and inside. Crossfit training is an opportunity to harden not only your body, but also your character, to become better, stronger and more endurable!


+38 (050) 219-80-24

We are waiting for you!

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